US electric vehicle (EV) sales are forecasted to grow tenfold within 6 years, then to dominate the new car market within 20 years. A need is rapidly emerging for the large-scale recovery and processing of used EV battery systems.

Recent advancements in recycling methods now result in high yields of valuable battery grade materials, like cobalt and lithium; however, at the end of the vehicle’s life most batteries still retain most of their original capacity and are viable to be reused or repurposed for other energy storage products.

Energy storage is a vital component in the effective use of renewable power generation and to avoid curtailment. It can also be used to reduce energy costs, support the grid during peak demand and to balance the energy flow within the grid.

5R will provide the needed recovery and processing services, while supporting environmentally responsible recycling practices and creating products for the growing energy storage market.

Join us as we lead the way toward a sustainable and more circular economy.

I only feel angry when I see waste.

When I see people throwing away things we could use.

-Mother Theresa-