Aristedes (Rusty) M. Rebuquiao

COO, Co-founder

About Rusty

Rusty started his career with BMW’s North American headquarters in 1987. He was initially hired as a contract worker, but shortly after was offered an internal position at the Port Jersey Vehicle Distribution Center (processing imported cars). After demonstrating his capabilities and exceptional work ethic, Rusty was transferred to the Warranty Parts Return Center (WPRC) which recovers and processes replaced components from the entire US dealer network (BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce).

Over the next 28 years Rusty steadily rose through the ranks within the BMW organization, entrusted with progressively increasing responsibilities and leadership roles. In 2007 he was promoted to manager. He continued to excel until, in 2014, he was selected to oversee the entire supplier recovery and WPRC operations (responsibilities formerly allocated to two managers).

Some of Rusty’s many professional accomplishments include:

Expanding US testing capabilities, both in-house and at supplier locations, resulting in improvements in diagnostic and repair procedures

Reduced excessive or unnecessary repairs through implementing strategic claim review procedures. This initiative combined with enhanced testing resulted in tremendous cost savings, especially with high dollar claims like engine or transmission replacement.

Realized increases in supplier recovery, through trend analysis of warranty claim data and development of targeted measures

Implemented and managed direct field recovery programs, in support of high priority (domestic and international) investigations

Introduced bulk return shipment process for Takata airbag recall program. This process was subsequently adopted by other automakers and has now become a standard industry practice

Achieved efficiencies (highest processing volumes and lowest error rates) which continue to serve as the international model for all BMW regions (including Asia and Europe)

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