John C. Mansfield

CEO, Founder

About John

John earned his Associates degree (A.A.S.) from SUNY Farmingdale, through their widely recognized (and A.B.E.T. accredited) automotive engineering program. He then continued to SUNY Polytechnic and obtained his Bachelors (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering Technology. In his final year of University, John secured an engineering internship at BMW of North America. In 1996 he completed his coursework as well as nearly a full year at BMW, stemming from two extensions to his internship.

John was then hired by DENSO, a global supplier of automotive components to most car makers. For the next six years John acted as the primary contact and engineering interface to the US subsidiaries of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Jaguar. Acting as the US liaison for offices in Europe, DENSO headquarters in Japan and manufacturing sites around the world; John supported the various products supplied to these automakers.

In 2002 BMW needed a lead engineer to manage local development of an emerging technology, GPS based navigation systems. Having supported the DENSO navigation systems in Jaguar’s S-Type and X-Type and recognizing this as a growing field; John accepted the position and returned to BMW. During the next nine years, he lead the US navigation development efforts, enabling the introduction of groundbreaking functionalities and services.

By 2011, navigation systems had become mainstream and were migrating to smartphones. John sought out his next challenge. BMW was then moving toward another major milestone, with the planned introduction of electric drive systems and the BMWi sub-brand. John was selected for the leading role of integrating the BMWi sub-brand across the entire Aftersales division and to be the primary contact to the global integration team in Munich. Although John left BMW and the project, after it had transitioned to execution mode, BMWi launched smoothly and on schedule.

John then accepted an offer from Mercedes-Benz, for a position in their Engineering Services division. He became the lead engineer responsible for steering, suspension wheels and tires (for all Mercedes-Benz and Smart passenger cars) and held that position until Mercedes-Benz relocated this division and position to Jacksonville, Florida. Although unable to relocate, John remained with the organization until the final phase and even trained his successor.

After a career spent recognizing emerging trends and identifying future needs; John founded 5R in 2018. Seeing the radical growth within the electric vehicle market, John realized that North America is not prepared for the approaching wave of used batteries. He founded 5R to address this need.

Some of John’s many professional accomplishments include:

Employee Recognition Awards (DENSO, BMW and Mercedes-Benz)

Participation in Mercedes-Benz summer and winter vehicle testing programs (DENSO)

Managed nine years of periodic BMW digital map releases (multiple platforms), without any service actions required

Collaborated with BMW speech input colleagues to launch first ever “destination entry by voice” functionality

Executed BMW switch (first OEM) to alternative US digital map supplier, Tele-Atlas (now TomTom)

Managed navigation new market testing and releases on behalf of BMW AG for; Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Argentina

US Project Manager for development and launch of first (RDS/TMC) commercial traffic information service, with ClearChannel as content supplier & broadcaster (BMW)

Formulated BMW market request for Dangerous Environment Warning System (DEWS), now an industry (TISA) standard in Europe.

Wrote, entered and maintained US requirements for BMW navigation systems

Managed “Active E” electric vehicle field trial program (precursor to BMWi)

Project Manager for successful BMWi Aftersales Integration, strategy and planning

Launch Manager for new model introductions (BMW & MINI, Aftersales)

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